Julia Gillingham


Corinne Jacobson

Assistant Headmaster

Nancy Harris

Office Manager

Jason Stokes

Dean of Students

Amy Arnold

Athletic Director

Melody Pati


Leslie Martinez

Front Office Coordinator

Beth Melvin

Front Office Coordinator

Katie Carmer

Academic Dean

College Counseling

Mary Hager

Director of College Counseling

Rebecca Arguello

College Counselor


Michele Wilson

Director of Academy Giving

Joy Whitehead

Development Officer


Ricky Alvarez

Pre-Algebra-7th; Geometry-9th; Algebra II-10th

Ian Caldwell

Geometry-9th; Pre-Calculus-11th; Calculus-12th

Mary Chin

Geometry-9th; Pre-Calculus-11th; Calculus-12th

Jodi Folley

Algebra-8th; Geometry-9th; Latin-8th

Cara Weddington

Math Fundamentals-6th; Pre-Algebra-7th

Sam Otto

Pre-Algebra-6th; Algebra-7th


Allan Friesen

Chemistry-10th; Physics-11th

Joe Glascock

Physical Science-7th; Physics-11th

Salimeh Hobeheidar

Physical Science-7th; Earth Science-8th

Rebekah Kienenberger

Earth Science-8th; Grant Writer

Jason Armistead

Chemistry-10th & Physics-12th Physics

Adam Narish

Nature of Science-6th; Biology-9th

Brad Jacobson

Nature of Science-6th; Biology-9th


Katie Carmer

Humane Letters - 11th

Jon Downing

Lit/Comp-8th; Humane Letters-9th

Zac Hoffman

US History-6th; Humane Letters-10th

Daniel Jordan

Humane Letters- 11th & 12th

Matthew Katcher

Humane Letters-9th & 10th

Jesse Lasser

Economics-10th; Humane Letters-11th

Kanishka Marasinghe

Humane Letters 10th & 12th

Molly McAlister


Megan McGuire


Jason Stokes

Ancient History-7th

Cord Smith

U.S. History-6th; Medieval History-8th

Patrick Vaughan

Humane Letters-12th; Medieval History-8th


Holly Hansen

French 9th-12th

Jamie Kronwald

Spanish 9th-12th

Joe Lerner

Latin - 6th & 8th

Lisa Ricciardi

Spanish 9th-12th

Tracey Sherman

Latin-9th & 10th; Greek-11th &12th

Colton Loving

Colton Loving-Latin-7th & 8th

Clara Carnahan

Clara Carnahan-6th & 7th Grade Latin


Christine Linde

Studio Art - 6th & 7th

Molly McAlister

Drama - 6th

Megan McGuire

Drama - 11th

Jana Minov

Music 7th-10th

Nenad Savic

Music - 7th & 8th

Brighton Smith

Studio Art 8th, 11th & 12th

Nathan Evans

Studio Art-8th

Exceptional Student Services

Deonna Jones

504/ELL Coordinator & ESS Support

Meagan Jimenez

ESS Coordinator

Rhonda McKenna

ESS Coordinator

Kristin Pfeifer

ESS Regional Coordinator