PSO Coordinators – Mona Moore & Sharron Farrington 

You can reach us at While we check this email regularly, we may not always be able to get back to you immediately. Please be patient with us – especially during summer.

Listed below are the ways in which you can help raise money for our school and for our Senior Trip. Just a click or “clip” away and a few minutes of your time!

Retail Affiliates

Target – REDcard : Take Charge of Education

Fry’s – Fry’s Community Rewards

Tuft and Needle fundraiser:

Buy a mattress through Tuft and Needle and support the Class of 2019 Senior Trip fundraising.  Go to Tuft & Needle and choose Arete Prep PSO from the pull down menu. The Class of 2019 will receive 25% of all proceeds from each sale.

Box Tops 

We will be collecting “Box Tops for Education” throughout the year. For every Box Top that is collected, our school earns FREE money! Individual Box Tops can be worth 10 cents or more, depending on promotions.

Please bring Box Tops from home and place them in the basket at the front office.